About Us

Tepro is one of the leading ISO 9001:2008 certified companies in Pakistan, manufacturers quality components since 1989.Our company enjoys OEM’s quality reputation in National and international markets. Our general strategy is focused to fostering the relationships between Pakistan and foreign automotive companies. We do our best to contribute to the development of such cooperative aimed at advancement of all the branches of industry involved in automobile. Our brand TEPRO is acknowledged as leader for its range of automotive sheet metal part. We are specialized in fast and economical development of its products as per customer’s sample enjoying excellent quality rating with buyers.


Our Chairman, Mirza Muhammad Shafi was a multi faceted personality with several achievements to his credit. He has passed his Ist Class Boiler Engineering in 1954, and enjoyed his faculty as Power House Superintendent. But he never was satisfied with his job because he wants to do the best for himself as well as for the Nation. He has left the job in 1971, at the post of responsible Deputy Chief Engineer and afterward he has started his own business. He was the pioneer of our Group of Auto Industries.


Mirza Rehmat Javaid elder son of Mirza Muhammad Shafi , is the Chief Executive of Tariq Engineering Products (Pvt) Ltd., a well known business man in National and International Market and also a well reputed person in the Auto parts Industries in Pakistan. He successfully led his team for the Employee with his good Administration skill.

Quality Policy

Through an on-going progressive attitude and meticulous planning for continuous improvement, TEPRO is dedicated to being the industry’s very best
We provide customer satisfaction through different aspects,

  • Meeting the customer’s expectations.
  • Being fair and ethical.
  • Being resourceful and disciplined.
  • To compromise with our self to fulfill the customer’s requirements.
  • Providing 100% in-time delivery.
  • Providing 100% quality and reliability.
  • Feeling the responsibility of quality by every one.

Quality Objectives

  • To foster managerial decisions.
  • To hold managerical reviews according to schedule.
  • To increase prodution efficiency through workers training.
  • To inspect up to level of checking 100%.
  • To implement checking parameters in every process.
  • To save purchasing cost by assesing alternative suppliers.
  • To increase storable place by using shelf and rack systems.
  • To increase your sales on quarterly basis.

Our Clients